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Re: Celebrating an injury is much less vile than wishing it?

Johnny Groove making this more than what it is, extra drama as usual.. Plenty of anti-Nadal posters have been banned (including permabanned) and I have seen plenty of Nadal hatred comments get deleted. Use a little sense here, you aren't a mod Johnny, so how can you be entirely sure what comments get deleted later on and what posters get infractions.. Just because they aren't banned means no action was taken? Certainly there are much more pro-Federer fans here so, perhaps you certainly see more hate against Rafa, but it may be so that such posters are very stretched out, so all these posters getting a couple, even several, infractions individually may not amount to actually anything. But on the other hand, there are a lot of repeat offenders of Rafatards/Fedhaters who do constantly get infractions and it leads up to bans.

If something offends you, use the report button. It isn't like the mods can read every single post on this site. So while it might be skewed to the sense that more Fedtard posters are here to report anti-Fed/Rafatard posts than vise versa, I sincerely doubt there is favoritism being played out here. The mods are just playing with the cards they are dealt. Don't be so dramatic on such a pointless thing. Regardless, who is this affecting that you like? I mean I certainly try not to associate with any poster who celebrates any kind of injury myself, and I would imagine you do the same seeing that you are a sensible poster in general, so I'm not sure what all this bitterness is towards because if you like other sensible posters, than such a question from this thread is pointless.

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