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Re: Players threaten to boycott the AO!

Originally Posted by Smoke944 View Post
Haha, it's like you know nothing of the situation. It has nothing to do with taking money away from the top guns and everything to do with the fact that the suits in charge are getting a far higher cut than they should. Fact of the matter is when players getting DA to the slams can barely break even something needs to be changed and that means altering how the money is distributed.
Well put.

Originally Posted by AnnaK_4ever View Post
Brilliant, just brilliant. Is it Francois Hollande posting? Lets take money from the rich and give them to the the poor. Cos it's not like Fed and Nole actually earned their millions through hard work by winning matches.
If the entirety of your argument is "oh noes Socialism!!!" with the implication that the whole concept is offensive, then I don't think there's much more that's worth me saying to you on the subject.
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