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Re: Players threaten to boycott the AO!

Originally Posted by AnnaK_4ever View Post
Ok, change No.250 who loses 1R all the time for a player who floats in Top-200 for years. My question still stands.
not true, you don't get to top 200 and stay there by losing 1R matches, sorry but that's just BS. (btw, read all of your posts but didn't want to quote you, so I'm trying to respond to everything you said). there are many things you said that really bothers me in a way. These guys try really hard. No, not everyone can be Nole, Roger or Nadal. Do you even understand what it takes to travel all the time, live in some cheap hotels, not being able to cover your basic bills etc. It has nothing to do with socialism, if we go by your logic it would literally kill tennis.

You have pretty much everything twisted. I strongly believe that lower ranked players should get more money. it's what they do, and they contribute to sport. Top guys are so rich, they make more money from their sponsors, prize money is almost irrelevant to them. I don't even think that Federer, Djokovic and Nadal know how much money they have or where it's even coming from (yeah, being sarcastic a bit, but I'm sure you can see my point).

I'm wondering what you do for living, and if you are the best in your field (let's say best 1000 in the world)

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