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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - New life bring joy.

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post

Search,then shortlist and repeat until only one name remains.

Don't think the name is going to make a difference. Who his parents are has already determined his fate.
lol that would be my approach as well probably. although first I would try lighting a candle under a big oak tree and waiting for an enlightment (namewise)

I think the name makes a difference. I have this idea that names reflect part of the personality, for example all Hans have something similar about them etc..

Your kid probbaly chose his parents, so he is to blame for his fate

Originally Posted by gaitare View Post
Data seems depressed lately.

That last time I called someone depressed it turned out that that person is pregnant.
Don't think I'm more dpressed then lets say a year ago. why don't you cheer me up?

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
Data must be pregnant too.
obvious conclusion.

Funny thing, I'm thinking about having a kid lately..

My kid might have several problems but being rich won't be one of them.
problem will be his mother blocking the internet.
other problem will be, he missed Roger Federer

"You cannot be a number one in the world and be a good loser"

- Magnus Carlsen
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