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Re: Endless Djokovic/Federer Debates (Their rivalry)

Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post
Federer dodged just as many USO finals as Nadal

2010/2011 he really should've made them.

What could we have expected from a young Nadal? To reach them in 2005 and 2006? No way, he just became a force on clay, only starting to learn how te be great on grass. Fast hardcourt would have to take longer. 07,08 and 09 remain. 2007 is still very early in his career for him to reach a slam final on his worst surface, but losing to Ferrer is a bad sign. I'll count it, just. Only one I can really see as a failure is losing to Murray in 08, 09 had the injury comeback and the injury during the tournament.

Time to stop this madness about 'Nadal dodging Federer at the USO'. Federer did just as much, if not more of the dodging. But that's what you get when one guy is older and primes don't overlap. Get over it.
Why are you being so defensive though? I just said ' I agree that it is a bit unfair that Federer did not have a lot of chances to "even the score" so to speak when he was at his prime because Nadal wasn't showing up on USO finals until recently but it is what it is. ' - it is unfair exactly that their primes don't overlap, it's unfair that while Federer's peak form on clay coincided with Nadal's peak clay years (w/c doesn't ever seem to stop); Nadal's peak form in HC didn't coincide with Federer's. I did not say it as a minus to Nadal, it just is what it is because as you said, one guy is older. It's completely circumstantial but it was an unfortunate and unfair circumstance for Federer. I wasn't trying to start a competition of who dodged who because yes, I know Federer had chances to face Nadal for the last two years in USO but wasn't able to.
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