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Re: Endless Federer-Nadal debates (WTF vs Olympics)

Originally Posted by Bashkatik View Post
I was just watching their match in IW this year. As you know, this is a high bouncing surface and a lot of people were expecting Fed to lose because of his known issue of struggling to hit a backhand against Rafa's topspin FH.

Like most one-handers, it's hard for Roger to hit the ball on shoulder height with his BH, but he is forced to do so because he usually insists on hitting the ball from the baseline. I was wondering, do you think that Federer should take a step or two back before hitting this backhand? The point of hitting the ball would then be much lower. Of course this is only relevant when Nadal's shots are deep.
No. Federer's court position is one of the biggest advantages he has over anyone anywhere. This adjustment would mean he would be standing meters behind the baseline waiting for Nadal's TS FH to drop down to waist level, which would put him in a huge disadvantage. Nadal would easily pull Fed wide on the BH side and then finish DTL or come to the net.

What Federer should do on the coming matches IMO is "Rosol" his game a little bit, as in be much more aggressive on the return games even to the point of refusing to play long rallies on Nadal's service games. Often you see Federer sprint out into a lead in their matches on quick points and Nadal struggling to find his rythm, then have a 20-25 shot rally ending in a Federer UFE and suddenly the match turn around. I think Federer should take the mentality of attacking every 2nd serve, every short ball and coming to the net a lot.

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