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Re: S.Q.T. (stupid question thread)

Originally Posted by seattletennisguy View Post
SQ: Do ball girls/boys get paid? I'm guessing no, due to labor laws and underage minors. So, what do they get?

SQ: Do tournament champions take the actual trophy home they're presented with, or are they engraved then shipped to them later?
First Question.
Almost always no. But, in many big tournaments(at least slams) they get reimbursed for their travel(including that during the training period, if there was any), are given some free stuff/big discounts, and they get to take their uniform back with them. I think some tournaments even give them a small lunch/snack allowance.

Second Question.
Champions are presented with the actual trophy. His name would be engraved on the trophy before the presentation ceremony. The one they get to take back is a replica, generally of smaller size.

Regarding Wimbledon:

From 1949 to 2006 all Champions received a miniature[half-size] replica of the Cup (height 8 1/2 inches). From 2007 all Champions have received a three-quarter size replica of the Cup bearing the names of all past Champions (height 13 1/2 inches).

In 2009, after more than 120 years in service, with the available space for engraving being completely filled after Rafael Nadal’s win the previous tournament, a black plinth with a silver designed to accompany the trophy as new names were added.

This is for the replicas, the actual trophy still has enough space left.
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