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Re: Why doesn't Usain Bolt get the Lance Armstrong treatment from the public?

Originally Posted by Mjau! View Post
You are such an ignorant tool. What you dismiss as "a report in L'Equipe" constitutes hard scientific evidence of doping.


USADA letter to Armstrong

An instant message between Frankie Andreu (FDREU) and Jonathan Vaughters (Cyclevaughters) the morning of July 26, 2005

SI reports new information in the case against Lance Armstrong

Excerpt from LA CONFIDENTIAL - The Secrets of Lance Armstrong

Ferrari, Del Moral and Marti banned for life in US Postal case
Originally Posted by Mjau! View Post

Armstrong's Bio Passport Critic Speaks

Armstrong's values at the 2009 Tour de France:

7/2, 2 days before the start of the race
Hct 42.8 Hb 14.3

7/10 3 days before the 1st rest day
Hct 41.3 Hb 14

7/11, 2 days before the 1st rest day
Hct 40.7 Hb 13.7

7/14, the day after 1st rest day
Hct 43.1 Hb 14.4

7/20, the 2nd rest day
Hct 41.7 Hb 14

7/25, one day before the last day of the race
Hct 43 Hb 14.5

Giro 2009:

5/7, 2 days before the start of the race
Hct 43.5 Hb 14.8

Hct 40 Hb 13.6

5/31, the last day of the race
Hct 38.2 Hb 13

Rasmus Damsgaard, who defended LA in the cyclingnews article linked above, was on Astana's payroll. Here's what he had to say when he wasn't being payed to lie.

Michael Ashenden agrees.

USADA: "Lance Armstrongs's doping is further evidenced by the data from blood collections obtained by the UCI from Lance Armstrong in 2009 and 2010. This data is fully consistent with blood manipulation including EPO use and/or blood transfusions."

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