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Re: Rafachat - vol. 79. we all want Rafa back, even the haters :angel:

Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post
Back to work this morning but the trip to work (bike, train, metro) took quite a bit out of me. I've been trembling for 2 hours which is not a good sign.

If this continues, I'm going to my doctor to get one more week off work. I may have rushed going back.
Your body has been through a great deal — massive abdominal infection and surgery. You’ve got to build yourself up.

I remember being quite ill once, and I was trying so hard to get better, but I could always tell when I went out of the house and everything around me seemed to be zooming a warp speed while I was walking in molasses. I can’t imagine how it must have been for you commuting all that way with crowds of people and jostling around. Probably you should just practice riding to the railway to build up some stamina.

Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post
Just read that republican Todd Akin argued that pregnancy after "legitimate r a p e is nearly impossible and at best, very rare because..."the body has ways to shut the system down during a "legitimate" r a p e.

So, he's basically saying that when a woman is pregnant after a r a p e, she actually wanted it so it's not a legitimate r a p e.

Either he or I didn't follow very well during biology classes but following what I've been taught, Akin is just being quite dumb.

(the word "r a p e" is being replaced by *** hence the spaces in between the letters.)
He apparently ascribes to the belief that when r a p e d, the woman should just lie back and enjoy it. I remember hearing this when I was a young woman. I thought we were past that now. I wish it were possible to put jerks like this in a woman’s body and let them be ***** to see what r a p e is. And I guess we should let all the women who have had the horror of being impregnated by their rapists know that they really enjoyed it. Also, probably should wait to see if a woman becomes pregnant before charging her assaulter.

Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post
I'm at home for another week.
Thank the gods that be.
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