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Re: Endless Djokovic/Federer Debates - Year End Number 1

Originally Posted by EliSter View Post
I missed it and i will responde, but u have the point about Murray he is more talented then players in Fed era( bar Safin, Nadal ) but as them he didnt showed any mental power. Even Tsonga and Berdich managed to beat Federer in slams and he never did. He had his chances at SW this year really good chances, Federer did play good but i still think Murray let that go because he is mental midget. He showed actually same abilites as Fed opponents in his era, talented good players that are unable mentali to beat Federer even if they game-wise stand better at court in some moments.

I give u example with Nole and Nadal, they are really talented players and that is just underestemating thing to say, they are great players, and talent wise Murray isnt far away from them. But biggest thing that devides players in Fed era and this one are Nole Nadal and maybe few more and not by talent but by mental power. Noles saving matchpoints in USO 2010 and 2011 and goes beating Federer in process and coming by losing 2-0 in sets, that coudnt be seen in Fed era. Why? Because non was mentali even ready to think they can come back from sets down against Federer, let alone saving match points in process. Same goes at Tsonga being super clucth at SW 2011 against Federer or determination of Potro in 2009 USO.

Federer doesnt excpect those kind of things, ppl not surrendering while he is leading. He never was tested like that in his era.

Anyways i just think mentali this players are much better atm and this era is strong. Compare with era that is coming, u will say this was golden era of tennis.
Thanks for the explanation of what you think, even though the definition of choking is more precise, as Litotes said

I disagree with your opinion that the mental thing is a key here to separate generations. I mean, Djokovic and Nadal are a very special case, both in terms of their level of play and their mental, and I will just take them away.

As for the other players, Tsonga and Del Potro lost many more matches to Fed than they won, just like Fed's past opponents, and despite facing a Federer who is not as good as the one the past opponents did face. I admire what Del Potro did mentally in that USO 2009 final, but one match doesn't make a rule as far as the mental is concerned. And when you have Tsonga's serve, it's easier to be solid as Tsonga was in that Wimbledon quarter ... but solidity is not the first thing which strikes me about Tsonga. Berdych also displayed some good mental abilities ... But well, no I don't think Hewitt, Roddick, Safin, Nalbandian, Ferrero, Haas, Gonzalez, Ljubicic ... lacked mental abilities in general and against Fed in particular. Tsonga or Berdych wouldn't have done better imo.
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