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Re: Endless Djokovic/Federer Debates - Year End Number 1

Originally Posted by EliSter View Post
No. I admit Federer was for 2 classes better player then the rest in his era. And he didnt choke a lot cause he was confident and he just knew no1 can harm him. But in course of 4 years of his utter domination he had his chokes or bad moments in GS, and really no1 could use that bad play or chances that Fed gave. If those players were so good as some posters says and not chokers and all super talented they would wait moments like that to steal slam from best player, to get all flamed up and pumped up to win, but in reality they just counter choked and played worse.

Now players arent affraid of Federer no more, and by those players i say Nole and Nadal in GS and occasionaly some1 else, but he is being tested and he is getting defeted. I know Olderer isnt same player as before cause of age, but IMHO his lvl of play atm is still better then any prime player in his era. Im sure he would own them again as 31 yo.
I would like you to name what you regard as Federers chokes or bad moments where you feel the opponent ought to have won but choked worse and lost, in slam matches from 2003-2007. I cannot remember these matches myself.
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