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Re: Endless Djokovic/Federer Debates - Year End Number 1

Originally Posted by Litotes View Post
I see. I'll try to sum up here:

- Djokovic has lost every clutch match since Februay and his play ranges from awful to clearly below his best. Good joker AWOL since AO.
- Federer is 31, has lost a step or two and can't return anymore.
- Nadal has been injured since March, at least, playing through pain until it became too much.

And yet these three has won every meaningful tournament this year bar the Olympics.

Will you remind me again why this is called an especially strong era? Because that is what plenty of Djokovic fans are claiming, isn't it?
Wrong. First of all:

Federer, Djokovic and Nadal even playing subpar are miles infront of the field. They are legends and even if they dont play their best tennis they will own rest of the players, if not by the game by their name itself. This era is far more stronger then " The Fed era" like 8 years ago, Federer was 1 and only dominate player with only Nadal emerging and having skill and guts to beat him. Exception Safin 2005. Federer was much superior player with average players bar Nadal. Now we have Joker who matured won 5 slams and still to win , we have Nadal with 11 and still to win ( clay GOAT ) and we have Federer who even as 31 yo plays great tennis.

No matter how much u say his movment went worse so far this year i do not see that, he has been moving great this summer, ofc little slumps in few matches but he is moving greatly. His return to be honest always sucked badly. Tho is even worse now. But his serve is much better then before, his BH is reliable lately and his FH deadly as always. So u saying that this era ss weak because some1 as Olderer is first is stupid argument. Even as 31 yo he is fantastic player and looks like he aged really well.

Maybe players from 5th place on ATP list right now are worse then players at same position 6-7 years ago, but u CANNOT compare top 4 players from this era from top 4 few years ago. Those top 4 we have now give us more suspecnfull macthes and excitment who will win GS then, players in FED era. Nobody could chalenge Fed then, now they can.

This era isnt so strong its needed more depth to be better but for sure it has more depth then before generation.

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