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Re: Political Discussion Thread

little_masha why do think this case got such a public impact? Why public was gravely offended? In fact the public had no idea about this act or simply didn't care. Until the girls were arrested and state controlled tv channels started a massive smear campaign portraying these girls as witches and puppets of the evil West whose goal is to destroy the Russia etc.

So, basically, authorities purposefully ignited the hatred and then they made the polls and said, look, most of the public want the girls severely punished.

If the law had been followed and there was no unjust arrest and the girls were just fined within a week, the whole thing would have been forgotten immediately , no offended public, no outcry from the West about human rights. Nothing.

But the authorities decided to make a show trial which turned into a joke, with all this "feminism is a mortal sin" and "mixed personality disorder displayed by active position in life" and so called experts condemning the girls guilty based on X century Church laws, with not letting the defence to call their witness and experts, and the crazy dog in the courtroom barking and trying to attack the defendants.

So, Putin and the Church got what they deserved.

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