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Re: Political Discussion Thread

They were charged for hooliganism motivated by religious hatred, but hooliganism is the felony, ok?

I exemplified with terrible things happening in Russian in oder to point out that there are other, more serious and frequent matters, that deserve much more attention, yet don t get it.

I don t know what Putin s trustee said is a way of saying I don t care what he said, but I still believe that the deciosn was correct. English is not my mother tongue.

Lawyers always asume things, we don t build bridges, we asume things and try to make people adopt our vision of a matter, correct or wrong, fair or unfair, if required by our client interest (you obviously didn t have issues with the law or any other contact with lawyers and that is actually a great thing. I honestly hope you never need the services of my peers).

And you obviously don t respect my opinion. If I reffer derogatively to the 3 women in question, I am free to do it, I don t adress to them directly. I talk to people in here and I do it politely. Dont point me out for doing it, were not in school. I can call Che Guevara an anarchist manwhore if I wish (of course I wouldnt) and yet you should not point me out.

Excuse me, I may be wrong, but from your replies to my posts, I somehow get the impression that you probably consider me some merciless dumb retrograd antifeminist who speaks for the sake of speaking, while definitely ignoring what fredom of speech and democracy mean.

All I can say is that you must accept, for the sake of the same freedom of speech claimed in regards to those women, that people may have different opinions even in regards to a case presented as violation of human rights.

To me, the case in question is no such thing. I am bothered by the fact that, in my opinion, it somehow steals the attention that other issues deserve.

The reason why I see things the way I do is (obviously) my living in Romania. This is a contry of a new and debatable democracy, currently undergoing a coup d etat (probably backed up by the Russians).

So democracy may be a great thing, but its a luxury applicable to developed societies. To an underdeveloped society, it may be a plain calamity.

This is why I m saing that an underdeveloped society requires an autocratic (not dictatorship, I never said that) rule.
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