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Originally Posted by little_masha View Post

I m sorry but I feel the need to use derogatory terms for the girls in question because, to me, the way they acted does not serve feminism, but actually makes women seem ridiculous.

What sort of a feminist denomination is PUSSY Riot?!

And feminists don t understand why they are mocked by (machist) men!

I do strongly feel for feminist causes (were there no feminist 3 generations before me, I would deffinitely not be a lawyer today, so...), but I do think that a poignant message is a seriously sent message.

To me, what they did was plain circus and even worse if they are actually educated women.
Clearly, IRONY is a foreign concept - to some, it would seem...and as for feminists being "mocked' by men...what??!! - does that make the WOMEN wrong - or the men pathetic and gutless? I disagree - I think 'feminists' clearly see why men mock them - because they can't handle equality, and women who do not automatically see themselves as the servants of men = that's why! jesus!! I don't know what you consider to be "serving feminism" - but condemning women for taking a stand - even if you may find their methods insulting or confronting, is merely pandering to the status appear to be asserting that the fact that you can practice as a lawyer is related to generations of feminists before you - and I am sure you are right - but don't you think the women who paved the way for your career today were NOT DEMONISED by their male contemporary society? its just as well for you that the pussy rioters of the previous century didn't give up because it was all too hard...

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