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What is your unique shot?

Has anyone tried to create and hone their own tennis shot that pretty much no-one else uses?

Lately I've been finding that when hitting with heavy topspin and good net clearance I've been unable to beat my opponents by getting them out of position and putting away a winner. It seems that the opponents (namely up and coming teenagers) are just so damn fast, with such good footwork and stamina that they are always in position and my shots probably due to spin and bounce are just not moving through the court quick enough go past the opponent without them being able to track them down and then grind some sort of topspin recovery shot back fairly deep effectively resetting the rally...

This has got me thinking about learning or even creating some sort of funky flat laser type shot kind of like a "horizontal smash" with a tiny amount of slice. The idea of this shot is that it would be hit seriously hard and flat so it would hopefully pierce through the court on a low trajectory, travelling fast enough so my opponents wouldn't be able to chase it down if I could get it anywhere on the court.

Anyways, I've just started working on my shot now on the training wall at the local tennis academy. I'm yet to pull it out in a match play situation.

Anyone got an opinion on this?
Does anyone else have a story of a unique shot they have tried to create for particular game situations?

The ultimate tennis game:
Sampras serve
Rafas T/S forehand
Djocos flat laserbeam shot
Gasquets T/S backhand
Rafas work ethic and nerve
Federers angled slice chip shots
Edbergs Volleys

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