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Re: Political Discussion Thread

little masha - I'm finding it hard to see your re-statement of your opinion, while ignoring the issues and information provided by Mer - as an "exchange' of views - please clarify for me the following:
"I have seen terrible things in Russia. I have even exemplified with something that I found outrageous, i.e. the way Russian society (ok, the majority of it) treats people from those Eurasian small countries."
How does the persecution of these women for stating their views differ from the racism (not to mention sexism and homophobia) that you claim to abhor?
"I don t know what Putin s trustee said." Mer just quoted what he said = any comment on that?
" Although I didn t see the judgement, I presume that having been committed in public, by an organised group of people and, of course, premeditatedly, the judge went for the maximum available. So it s not actually like they invented come coercition just for them."
I would have though as a Lawyer, the LAST thing you would do is "Presume" ANYTHING - and the LAw as quoted form your source, does not appear to justify the sentence - which, as Mer pointed out, was based NOT on the charge of "hooliganism" - but on the clearly trumped up charge of "Religious hatred"....

"This is already a very long discussion, so let s not quarell over different opinions. I respect yours, please respect mine."
I agree - however, disagreeing with you, or challenging your precepts, is NOT the same as not "respecting your opinion"

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