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Re: Political Discussion Thread

Look, Mer, I don t want to offend anyone. It s obvious that we see things differently.

This is simply an exchange of ideas, I hope we all get this right, ok?

The above is strictly my opinion.

I never said they should go to jail for feminism (although I would not give those girls as an example of feminism because I see feminism as a serious and responsible thing, not quite like their little act, which to me actually seemed a bit cartoonly ridiculous), but for something that I see as an overexposed case of hooliganism which, do to said overexposure is dangerously electrifying for Russian society, especially since so backed-up by the Westerns press. And Madonna.

And although I don t live in Russia day to day and I m not Russian myself (yet very connected through family and business and frequently travelling there) I do believe that an autocratic regime is the only way to rule such a colossal affair as Russia.

Good or bad, to me it seems like the only way. At least for now.

As I said above, I have seen terrible things in Russia. I have even exemplified with something that I found outrageous, i.e. the way Russian society (ok, the majority of it) treats people from those Eurasian small countries.

That is scandalous to me (although I see that on that topic I didn t get an answer) and that is an example of something that I believe should galvanize the progressist part of Russian society, Madonna and the whole world much more that the Pussy Riot case.

But it doesn t and this I find particularly disturbing. What did Madonna & Red Hot Chilli Peppers have to say about the Georgian war, after all?

I don t know what Putin s trustee said. I live connected with a prety big group of Russian expats running business in Romania. Two of them are, as a background, lawyers like me. None of them saw in this Pussy Riot thing such a terrible case of violation of human rights or anything else than hooliganism, severly punished yes, but still, within the limits of the Russian law.

As regards the juridical qualification and penalty applicable, its not correct to say that the penalty they should have received under Russian law was just a fine.

I see that pursuant to art. 213 (*) of the Russian Criminal Code, the maximum penalty is 2 years. Although I didn t see the judgement, I presume that having been committed in public, by an organised group of people and, of course, premeditatedly, the judge went for the maximum available. So it s not actually like they invented come coercition just for them.

I did t intend to sound cruel when I said that the blond seemed a bit satisfied with the publicity their act got (actually, all three of them).

That is strictly my opinion, although, of course, due to my job maybe I tend to see the worst in people. If she has a kid who is now in some difficult situation, its of course regretable, but she should have got this covered when she embarked on a protestatary career. If she didn t, I still don t think we should blame Putin for it.

As for the blond being a religious person, who volunteered for several causes under the patronage of the Church...look, I m Christian Orthodox, and although not necessary practicing, I still find that kind of circus in a church insulting.

You got to say something about the Church getting involved with the State, do it decently.

And if you are a real protester at least SHOW YOUR FACE when you protest!

This is already a very long discussion, so let s not quarell over different opinions. I respect yours, please respect mine.


(*) Article 213. Hooliganism

1. Hooliganism, that is, a gross violation of the public order which expresses patent contempt for society, attended by violence against private persons or by the threat of its use, and likewise by the destruction or damage of other people's property,
shall be punishable by compulsory works for a term of 120 to 180 hours, or by corrective labour for a term of six to twelve months, or by arrest for a term of four to six months, or by deprivation of liberty for a term of up to two years.
2. The same act, if it is:
a) committed by a group of persons, a group of persons in a preliminary conspiracy, or an organized group;
b) connected with resistance to a representative of authority or to any other person who fulfills the duty of protecting the public order or who prevents violation of the public order;
c) committed by a person who was earlier convicted of hooliganism-
shall be punishable by compulsory works for a term of 180 to 240 hours, or by corrective labour for a term of one to two years, or by deprivation of liberty for a term of up to five years.
3. Hooliganism committed with the use of arms or objects used as arms
shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term of four to eight years.

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