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Re: Political Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by little_masha View Post
So, in my opinion, we should all keep a sense of proportions. Maybe those chicks could have gotten away with a fine, but given the media and social storm it created, I would have put them to jail myself.
Those "chicks" should have been treated according to the law and not according to yours or anyone's idea of appropriety. According to the law they should have been fined. Even if charged with hooliganism they should have been released on bail till the trial as they don't pose a threat. Media and social storm was created by apparently unjust detention and trial , not by their act in Church.

Originally Posted by little_masha View Post
I m sure there is a solution for their kids to be taken care of, thair mothers should have been more responsible.
Their mothers didn't commit a felony and didn't expect to be put in prison. Their mothers are expressing their feminist views by peacful protests acts.

Originally Posted by little_masha View Post
These girls have become stars. They will come out of the prison pseudo-martyrs, just for having spent 1 year and a half in prison (the 5 month prior to the trial will be deduced).
oh my, are you serious? Are you aware of what russian prison is like? 5 month in russian prison is more than enough punishment.

Originally Posted by little_masha View Post
I have seen most media coverage regarding this affair, their small interviews and I think they acually enjoy all this circus (specially the curly-haired blond one) because it made some empty-headed nobodies human rights martyrs.
One thing is for sure, they are not empty headed. They have very strong ideas and they are ready to stand by them.
Curly-haired blond one has seen her 5 y/o son only once during 5 month, through a glass wall. This blond is a religious person herself who volunteered to work with sick children under Orthodox charity organisation. She's fighted the authorities destroying forests. She did all this before the stunt in Church. Calling her empty -headed and saying that she enjoys this is plain cruel.

This trial is an insult and a warning to all normal people.

"Judge Marina Syrova declared in monotone how Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Ekaterina Samutsevich and Maria Alyokhina, two of them mothers, conspired to wear clothing that was an offence against church rules, "colluded" to produce a guitar and amplifier and "demonstratively and cynically" defied "the Orthodox world… devaluing centuries of revered and protected dogmas". In all this, the world learned from the judge, the women's "religious hatred" was motivated "by way of them being feminists who consider men and women to be equal".

Perhaps most ridiculous of all was the cod psychology deployed to damn the women, asserting that the defendants "suffered from mixed personality disorder displayed by their active position in life".
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