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Re: Political Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by little_masha View Post
And let me tell you, as a practician of law, that [/B]what [/B]those silly chicks did WAS hoolliganismaccording to any common sense criminal law textbook.

Of course everybody now screams dictatorship, but fact is: it was hoolliganism., get over it!

Much more dangerous as it comes from people with a certain public exposure. And in a country with such big extremist issues!

So let them go to jail (the penalty seemed fairly balanced to me), that's what an ordinary Russian ciizen would do for a similar crime (again, it's a crime, regulated by a criminal law, no something invented to crush young revolutionary spirit), that's what they should do!

After all if all you are capable to imagine as a political protest is the ridiculosness they came up with, the rest of the world should probably pity other stuff then their young, silly, attention seeking asses.
All prominent Russian lawers don't agree with you. They insist they it was not a felony. The only thing the girls should have been charged with is insulting the believers. Under russian law this is punished by a fine.
Now let's check, the girls didn't touch anyone or anything in the church, there was no service when they came. All they did was dancing and chanting. No music was played. They didn't display aggressive behavior. Also, let's take into consideration that they no prior criminal record and two of them have small children. So, do you really think these women deserve to go to prison for 2 years for singing and dancing in a church? Do you believe that 5 month detention before trial for women who pose no threat is adequate?

Now, why not take a closer look at their "silly asses". We have one philosophy graduate, one green peace activist and charity worker, and the third one is computer programmer who was part of a group working on military submarine soft, and she also finished modern art institute. All three was them are feminist activists.

btw interesting fact, the "injured" party lawer said during the trial that feminism is a mortal sin. The judge when reading the verdict said that feminism though not a crime under russian law opposes fundamental values of the Church and hence the girls were motivated by religious hatred. Mind you it's "religious hatred" motivation that makes their charge so grave. Simple hooliganism would be much softer charge and only probation sentence.

P.S. and about attention seeking, that't really funny considering one of the group (about 20 girls) main ideas is being anonymous. They wear masks and even their parents and close friends have no idea about their activities. If those tree was not arrested public would not know their faces.

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