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Re: Tennis Tipping Managers 2012 - Need managers for September

Originally Posted by lolada_4 View Post
First of all, sorry for my bad english

Winstom-Salem (Qualy)
I send my first picks at 14:29H (Oporto time), this picks are of first round qualy (total first round), and half are for the final round.
Last night I went to bed very late, so I wake up this morning very late too and I need to do some things (related to personal life), so at 2:29 H I did not send the other picks because I need to lunch (if not my mother got pissed :P)
So at 15:02 H (deadline at 15:00H Oporto time) I send the rest of picks, I know the deadline is very important, but it´s only two minutes, any game had begun (by ATP LS and BET365 LS), The five picks I sent two minutes after the deadline, this games only start at 17:00 H (Oporto time); And is not unfair for my opponet in final round, because is my partner in doubles and we my picks to have hypotheses to win in doubles.
So it´s only for two minutes... I ask for my picks (in final round) can count.
Thanks And I hope you can understand

Best regards,
José Pinto (lolada_4)

PS: Sorry for something
Well, to give my opinion on this, either we accept no picks after the deadline or we do accept picks till play starts. We decided that we will do the first part, so for sure players wouldn't understand and would be telling you that you would lose because you were late!
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