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And hopefully, he never will (join, that is....)at least for the moment we can still cling to the belief that he can distance himself from the repression...although it is really impossible to imagine that he is unaware of the impact this latest debacle has on the reputation of Russia in the West (not that Putin particularly cares about THAT - disapproval merely adds fuel to his fire of "US against Them" after all) ...but Marat has always seemed to be patriotic in a rather ....emotional way - as opposed to a pragmatic "part of the agenda" way, I mean - characteristic of the ex-pat which, for the vast majority of his life, is after all, what he was) but clearly misguided..and sucked in to politics on a local level possibly without much real examination of the 'bigger' picture - representing NN in the Duma probably sounded like a good idea when it was pitched to him....but now he is tarred with the same brush as the rest of ER, member or not .....interestingly, the BBC World Service made mention, towards the end of their broadcast of the verdict - that the Orthodox Church (rather late , as the reporter noted) has issued a statement asking for "mercy".....which makes you wonder, surely the women will pose a greater threat to Putin, even locked away in a siberian labor camp, as a focus for the disparate opposition - so is that the fist stage in a process which may see Putin playing the benevolent "father of the nation" to release them 6 months down the track......or has the damage already been done??

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