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Re: Getting my 4 year old into playing tennis

Originally Posted by HKz View Post
That is the "PC" way of doing it. It is bullshit. You can't tell me pros "loved" tennis at that age. Agassi's journey of hating tennis and becoming a pro is much more a reality than someone like perhaps Federer loving tennis and becoming pro. Kids are naturally going to get burned out and realize they don't have as much of a childhood as others, so those that become pros are the ones that realize they are playing a privileged sport so they learn to respect what they are doing, just bite their tongue or one day find true enjoyment of playing. Tennis is a very demanding sport early on and requires a constant push.
I don,t think forcing someone into a sport is going to get them good . There must be hundreds of young players that where pushed into it and detested the fact that they where made to play the sport. By all means introduce them to it encourage them , but forcing someone into tennis is very selfish on a parents part ! They either like it or they don,t if someone really wants to get good at tennis they will find that out themselves from playing here and there . Only a very small few ever make it to being top level players. You can,t just tell your child he or she is playing tennis , I call that crap parenting !

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