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Re: There is no finish line...

Originally Posted by Federer4Everer View Post
I think it's fair enough to call Nadal's 21 "the record" - so good luck Roger!

As for another calendar year at #1 that was previously (I think) unimaginable. Still a big challenge for Roger for the rest of the year. USO wil lbe key in this regard. Nadal missing would seem to help Fed but it would also help Djo too wouldn't it?
Nadal missing is probably going to help one of them more than the other, the one who avoids Murray in the draw.

Djokovic playing as much as he does now will be expected to do less well towards the end of the season, though, so if USO doesn't decide things (a Murray/DelPo win) Federer should be in with a good chance. Nadal in the draw would increase chances of USO not deciding things.
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