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Re: Unofficial Live ATP Rankings

Yo guys, hope you don't mind me posting this here, it's not worth a new thread and this seem like the thread for ranking discussion.

I was thinking about the current number one situation, how Federer currently only holds 1 GS while Djkocovic holds 2.

I had a look through the rankings from the year 2000 onwards and noticed just how rare this is.

With the exception of three small instances the world number one (since Jan 2000) has held either the most grand slam titles out of any player, or the equal most.

The three exceptions are:

Federer @ no1. Post Wimbledon 08-mid August 08. (Federer held US Open, Nadal held Wimby/French)

Nadal @ no1. French Open 10- Wimbledon 10 (Federer held Wimby and Aus, Nadal only the French)

Federer @ no1. Wimbledon 12-now (Federer holds Wimby, Djokovic holds Aus and US).

I think this backs up the efficiency of the ranking system, and means that it's very rare for number one not to be the true number one.

Even in the 3 exception cases it was just a transition period. In the case of (1) Nadal took number one not long after becoming "slam dominant", and in the case of (2) Nadal changed the GS stats by winning Wimby four weeks after taking number 1, so both of these were just transition peroids.

This current one will probably be the same, with either Djokovic not retaining the US Open and then Federer will be clear number one until at least WTF, or Djokovic will defend and then inevitabley take number one back not long after, if not already.
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