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Re: Toni Nadal: Rafa's career is not in danger

Originally Posted by masterclass View Post
Sorry, Just like heaven, based on what you say, I'm still unsure exactly what treatment he has been getting. The quote from Toni is pretty general "growth factor treatment". Do you have a source of which specific growth factor treatment he has been getting? Thanks in advance if you can provide one.

It seems that there are a lot on growth factors on the banned list.

EDIT: Never mind, I found it myself. He appears to have been getting plasma rich in growth (PRGF-Endoret) factors. I'm guessing this is essentially what is generically called PRP, which was formerly banned by WADA, but then permitted as of Jan 1, 2011.

It's not even that - he's had the treatment since 2010 and it has never been banned. You just need to make WADA/ITF etc. aware and get a medical exemption - it involves taking the patient's own blood, spinning it at high velocity to increase the plasma & then injecting that to where the tendinitis is. Basically a way of hastening the treatment of tendinitis so it heals faster. No "outside agent" is used - it's your own blood and it's a legitimate treatment for a chronic injury. Not giving you an advantage in any way but helping the natural healing process move quicker.

No need to be alarmist. If Nadal was doing something WADA banned, I doubt it would be openly being reported on. He's talked about it at length. Lot's of players have had similar treatments - Verdasco, Kobe Bryant, A-Rod (baseball) etc.
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