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Re: David limping through Cincy.

Originally Posted by Sommarsverige View Post
Sophitia, I also read that twitter message of Ferru and the same as you, I was also worried about it. But I don´t think he had a surgery, but to me it sounded as if something is not 100% good and because of that he gets treatments like massages and things like that.
Yeah, same here, I don't think he had surgery. But I do think there is something wrong. I'm no doctor but having pain in your back would certainly impact your serve percentage...
He still didn't mention anything on his Twitter, though. I need to look for interviews, maybe, and see if he mentioned anything.
I don't know what would be worse actually... If there is an injury, I hope to God it's not serious and won't keep him off courts for long.
If there isn't, then, I don't understand what the hell is going on with poor David...

Originally Posted by Sommarsverige View Post
Oh yes, unfortunately I also remember the Guille Coria service disaster. I also was a big fan of him during that time and it made me so sad. He made unbelievable many doubles faults and I sometimes couldn´t continue watching
I think being a Coria fan was one of the most painful experiences ever! The RG final... and then the slow decline with this double-faulting nonsense... The worst about it was that he could play beautifully, and then his ability to serve would just vanish, and double-fault, double-fault, double-fault... Horrendous!
Ferru's serve definitely isn't that bad, thank God!

Originally Posted by Sommarsverige View Post
Though I have to say that his serve was already bad during the Olympics. I remember in the matches I saw there (2 doubles and one singles) that his first serve procentage was very low also
Exactly. That's what I just wrote on the Wawrinka def. Ferrer post, actually... I think it dates back to the beginning of the Olympics. Even in his first two matches that he won easily, his serve stats were bad. Against Nishikori, they were also bad. In the doubles, it showed less, but they were bad, too.
He never had a powerful serve, but at least, he is usually very reliable and consistent with it. 54% of 1st serves, for him, is a dreadful record.
What's even worse this time, is that he also failed to score return points. Extremely unusual for Ferru who's arguably the best returner on tour... And generally he seems very dispirited on court. As if there wasn't much he could do... Another very unusual behaviour.

But anyway, I have other theories about a possible injury, but since he doesn't say anything, that means either that he's not injured, or that he doesn't want to talk about it. So I'd better refrain from launching crazy rumours, I guess.
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