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Getting my 4 year old into playing tennis

Hi guys, I'm needing advice on getting my 4 year old son started with tennis, to a level where he can actually hit a ball consistently.

I play with him out the back garden, using a kids badminton net, as much as I can but I struggle to keep his interest because he can't hit a ball in the air consistently.

The other day I gave him a full size racquet instead of a small plastic kids one and it made a difference, he hit a few balls clean in the air with good force, and I made a big hurrah of it to him while convincing myself he's the next Federer/Nadal. (He's probably not)

In terms of serving he just places the ball on the racquet strings and moves the racquet forward. I think that's fine for now until he is a wee bit older.

He's a very timid child so lessons are out of the question for now, he'd spend the whole time crying, he has a bit of maturing to do before we can do lessons.

I was hoping for tips to make him more competent. I'd love to get to a stage where I could take him onto a real court, or even a badminton court with the net lowered, and just rally (obviously just trying to keep it in). I really don't know where to go as I am awful at tennis myself, and didn't play until I was 19.

Thanks in advance.
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