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Re: Tennis Tipping Statistics Website - Now for WTA TT As Well


Of the singles queries you mentioned earlier :-


Cremona CH 2010 – 1

Someone has input a 17th match for QR1 in error – this needs to be deleted.

Miami 2007 – 1

The manager of the event had this on the front page

00:00 | uglyamerican (USA) (7) v Donny (USA) – Match 18 - this had been input as bye v bye – I have changed this and the subsequent 2nd round match.

Researching the threads for the doubles queries :-

Miami CH 2008 – 1

R16 Bye/ Bye def. Bye/ Bye 16-15

Match 6 - 00:00 | gigi / Machiavelli v IvanLjubicic / Jerry Seinfeld
Draw was made – IvanLjubicic made it to Aussie Open MD so was out (Post 147)
Doubles 1R results done in Post 179 as bye v bye – I cannot see any reason why gigi/Machiavelli was not given the win

Heilbronn CH 2008 – 1

Match 3

QR1 Bye/ Bye def. Bye/ Bye 0-0
From the front page of the thread - 00:00 |Tal20 / Tankman [4] v Bye Tal20 is in Aus Open QF

Kaohsiung CH 2012 - 8 (???)

There were no qualifying matches played - I am guessing that someones put the 1R results originally in QR3 and then realised their error and re:input them in 1R and changed them all to bye v bye therefore those 8 need to be deleted

Wimbledon 2012 - 1

What happened here was that the draw was made – it was then noticed that there had been an error in the doubles entry list with one player listed twice with two different partners, hence creating a space in the main draw.
The space in the draw was filled up by moving the top seeds in the quallies who had a bye in 1R of quallies.

Originally Posted by Lazyking View Post
is Kingroger the one who uploads tournaments? We seem pretty much set with what's on the site.
Yes, it's kingroger who does that.

You can contact me on my TF Account or I rarely log on here anymore as became TF Admin.

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