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Re: Tennis wrist problem

Wrapping it is stupid. Wrapping anything on your body for tennis is silly to begin with, it restricts mvoement which hinders your game. Wrist injuries are very common, but it really shouldn't be too serious is general unless it is absolutely unbearable, then you may have a serious problem like Del Potro and Davydenko had.

1. Analyze how you hit the ball. Perhaps it is quite unorthodox and actually can be improved for both the stroke itself and for avoiding future injuries. Aska local coach to watch you play if that may be a concern.
2. Stretching the wrist area is very key, however, you want to be very cautious stretching as you could easily damage your wrists. In case you don't know the proper way to stretch your wrists, there should be many videos and how-to-do tutorials online for this. I would try to explain it in words, but I don't want to confuse you and have you do something incorrectly.
3. Do some wrist strengthening at the gym. Perhaps you haven't been playing tennis for too long (or you had a very long period where you didn't play) and that commonly leads to sore and painful wrists. If you are a rather new player, then what you are experiencing is quite common and you may just have really sore wrists. In that case, just give it time and play more so that one day your wrists will be strong enough.
4. Take a break from tennis. You definitely do not want to make it worse. Either take it really easy on court and try not to use your wrist too much (maybe play half court tennis to just keep the feel of the ball) or just take a break in general. Then after your wrist feels great, you can restart how you train and perhaps start a pre-practice wrist stretching regimine.

The fact that it hurts when you hit a forehand topspin or volley tells me you use your wrist heavily in those shots, which is obviously very normal for many players. For most, backhand groundstrokes/volleys don't use the wrist that much (unless you have a one-hander) which is why it isn't hurting off that wing. How much wrist you use would be the question to find the answer for. Again, maybe what you are doing is quite unorthodox or not really helping your game, so only by analyzing your strokes with a coach or instructor you can perhaps find out if the problem you have is coming from the actual mechanism of hitting the ball or if you just have a sore/tired wrist.

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