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Re: Tennis Tipping Statistics Website - Now for WTA TT As Well

Originally Posted by -Evita- View Post
Please someone quote this post directly into the TF thread (minus this line).

I just want to make some comments regarding some technical details.

1) One or two days ago someone asked what to do if there was no R16 in doubles. Someone else answered to enter R16 as every team defeating a Bye. That was the wrong answer. The correct answer is to ignore this round and start entering data in the next round.

2) About missing scores. Those who enter tournaments will decide whether scores from this tournament should be counted or not. When you enter matches you will see a note at the top about whether you should enter the scores or not. If not then you should enter zeros. If yes then you should enter valid scores or guess them if they're not available.

This feature will become available soon. Then one of the site managers will have to go back and edit tournaments. The default value will be that the scores should be counted so Andelko or someone else will have to edit the tournaments for which the scores shouldn't be counted.

And finally, I would like to see some appreciation from you guys. I don't play WTA TT and I don't care about it, I had no reason to add WTA to my site except that some people asked me to. I'm doing this out of the goodness of my heart so some thank you's would be nice.

P.S. If someone explains to me in simple and precise terms how the spreadsheet should be altered to fit the TF TT rules, I may do that when I have some time. I'm nice like that
I don't really play TT here anymore but I play constantly on Tf so here goes:

Thank you for doing this
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