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Re: Tennis Tipping Statistics Website - Now for WTA TT As Well

Originally Posted by -Evita- View Post
I am very surprised by this. I haven't played TT this year so I don't know - have there been some rule changes? From what I remember, you could never be an alternate in the second round. If neither player sent picks, the one with the higher ranking advanced anyway. I see that Calgary Flames lost in QR1 but then was moved to a different spot and played in QR2. Is that really allowed? Because you can't enter that in my website.

And what's that about entering matches Bye vs. Bye? That should never happen. I'm looking at the Winnetka doubles qualifying. How come neither team from 00:00 | tenistasmex/juddy96 (MEX/CAN) vs. (4) starluk/Demonsky (CHN/SVK) advanced? In real tennis tournaments, someone always advances, isn't that right? Have the TT rules really been changed this way? If so then they need to be changed back My website isn't suited to it and it doesn't make sense anyway.

P.S. I fixed the Bogota doubles.
I only started managing in the last week of 2011, so I don't know too much about the rules pre:2012.

However, the rules now are :-

Round 1 lucky losers (Main draw and qualifying)

When both players/teams in a match fail to send picks AND there are no alternates or lucky losers to replace them, the loser with best score in this round will take their spot in the following round as a lucky loser. This rule is valid only in first rounds (main draw or qualifying).

* When the first and the second round (qualifying or main draw) are played on the same day, the loser with the best score in the first round will take the spot of a player/team which receives a bye to the second round but fails to send picks.

I had this very same query about how to input similar results when I first assisted inputting (back in posts 709/711) and was repeating the same advice I was given.

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