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Re: Tennis Tipping Statistics Website - Now for WTA TT As Well

Originally Posted by Lazyking View Post

I have finished the Marburg CH 2012 singles section but held off on doubles because it only had main draw.. I wasn't sure what to do there.
You did the right thing in asking There aren't always qualifying matches in every event - it depends on the amount of people who entered the event, just had a look at the thread and I see there wasn't any doubles quallies, when that happens you can just enter the main draw.

Originally Posted by Lazyking View Post

Then I did Winnetka CH 2012. There were numerous no pick matches and so their are less picks in some areas but its compleate.. if I was supposed to add the no pick matches..I didn't know who to put as winner so I didn't. The issues are really just in the qualifying rounds Here's the management link: Tennis Tipping #27b - Winnetka - Congratulations Cava and balloon/Cava!

off to bed
In the case of Winnetka doubles - the first qually match where both didn't send - I have input that as bye v bye - the second round match then can be completed as that team then had a bye.

In the case of Winnetka singles - I have input those first round qually matches as :-

Qualification 1st Round - 8 Matches counted

02:00 | balloon v bye
04:00 | joao parana (XXX) vs. (6) starluk (CHN) #SRs: 3-0
01:00 | calgaryflames v bye
05:00 | Dupuis2006 (CAN) vs. (7) tenistasmex (MEX) #SRs: 4-0

Which then means that the 2R can be completed

03:02 | balloon (SIN) vs. joao parana (BRA) #SRs: 2-2
01:02 | Calgary Flames (CAN) vs. Dupuis2006 (CAN) #SRs: 1-2

You can contact me on my TF Account or I rarely log on here anymore as became TF Admin.

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