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Re: Where do the best looking girls come from?

You realize they are not exotic looking in the eyes of their compatriots, don't you?
I have brown eyes. Pretty, but brown. Back home in Romania very few people noticed my eyes (I am talking here about random people, not about close ones). Now I live in Prague and my eyes are considered special by almost everyone I meet. All I am trying to say is that the exotic factor should not count in such a poll.

This being said, I personally find ex-soviet girls the most beautiful ones. However, I hate the way most of them overdress. No matter what they do or where they go they feel the need to be elegant and they are obsessed with the way they look and spend way to much money (relative to their income) on clothes. The ones I personally know are very educated and smart and still they somehow manage to have "I am pretty and I am looking for a rich husband" written all over them. Even the ones that are strong and independent women. Also, most of them don't age well at all which is pretty sad.

But I am a girl so my opinion is rather irrelevant

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