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Re: Clay Death Permaban: Consider rescinding please.

Dear members,

We have reviewed your feedback regarding the banning of Clay Death. After discussing the issue with the administrators and moderators, we have decided not to alter Clay Death's ban.

During his time on this forum, Clay Death accumulated more than 20 infractions, easily exceeding the number of violations we typically tolerate before permanently banning members.

He had been previously banned for his violations of the rules, and even had a 1-year ban significantly reduced after promising to improve his behavior.

Yet, despite all the warnings and second chances, he continued to engage in frequent personal attacks on other posters.

Unfortunately for him, his last spree of insults and personal attacks did not go unnoticed by the moderators. Upon review of his recent behaviour, we reached the decision that Clay Death had been given enough chances, and it was time for his account to be banned from posting on the forum for good.

We understand that Clay Death was popular among some members and frequently contributed to the forum. However, popularity is no excuse for breaking forum rules, and the fact remains that Clay Death, despite numerous warnings, was either unwilling or incapable of participating in the forum without attacking other members. For this reason, the ban on his account will not be lifted.

Thank you for understanding. We realise this will not be a popular decision in some quarters but having exhaustively reviewed the situation and his history, we feel it is the correct decision.

Moderation team.
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