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Re: Djokovic's junior coach troubled by his slump

Originally Posted by 5555 View Post
Is Sampras's 1994 season better than Djokovic's 2011 season? Yes or no?

Sampras's career is over, while Djokovic's career is far from over. Djokovic is rapidly suprassing Sampras's achievements, yesterday Novak won his 12th Masters (Sampras won 11).
That first part is not even related to what you are responding, so you're just trying to divert the discussion to make Nole look good. Was that part related to the point I made , yes or no? Do you have proof it was related to the point I made, yes or no?

As far as Nole surpassing Sampras, we'll see if Nole can get 14 Slam titles. We'll see. We might have to wait an eternity for it to never happen though.
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