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Re: Your ideal Olympic Games

I think some sports need some adjustments to be more entertaining.

Waterpolo - the pool to be 10 times bigger and from time to time a crane should throw a Volkswagen Beetle in it.

3000m steeplechase - there should also be psychological obstacles, like dissapointed parents, the first girlfriend who dumped you, a grandma who shows naked pictures of you as a kid, etc.

Equestrian - too gay. Should be replaced with rodeo.

Archery - dwarfs should carry the targets on their back, running around like hell.

Gymnastics - the athletes are too good. It would more fun to see fat people do it, let's say over 150 kg, to see the pommel horse or the uneven bars cracking under their weight.

400m hurdles - the hurdles should randomly appear and dissapear from the ground, while the stadium amplifiers play the Mario tune.
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