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Re: Luciano Pitronello solidarity thread

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post

he didnt mean to harm others, just property.
Maybe that sums it up. Some of us like to enjoy the things we worked for. We don't want somebody to take it on himself to decide for us what we can have or not have. Would it be OK for me to blow up your house because I don't agree with you? I would do it when you are unlikely to be at home, of course. Would you respect me for trying to make the world a better place? Remember, what you think about your house is immaterial, only what I think is proper is relevant here.

Surely this guy making a personal decision about what is good for us is the very opposite of socialism, something you should despise, no? What collective decision was taken to destroy stuff?

And you mentioned that only property was going to be harmed. Well a person actually did get harmed. A person who clearly was out of his depth in what he was attempting. He hardly was capable of doing this by himself. Who used him? Who provided him with the means of injuring himself and talked him into doing it? Do you show solidarity with those people?

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