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Re: Your ideal Olympic Games

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
Why is that? Not referring to the golf part (I agree), but why does squash epitomise the Olympic spirit more than tennis?

I'd get rid of beach volleyball for sure. It's a joke that beach volleyball is an Olympic event but not squash. I don't understand why squash isn't included but the other racquet sports are; it's every bit as watchable as badminton and table tennis, and arguably more watchable than tennis because it's much faster.

I'm also not a fan of the team events in table tennis - this sport takes up too much of my TV time.

Basketball is pretty weak as well. If the Olympics are supposed to be one of the most important events in sport, then I expect the quality of the matches to be top-notch. Watching the first quarter of Spain vs Russia last night, a semi-final match, made me wonder why I wasted my time watching that shit when the NBA championship is held every year and the quality of the matches is so much better.
It just my opinion that there is so much money in golf and tennis, that the players don't really appreciate the Olympics as much as other events. Professional golfers and tennis players don't see the Olympics being that important. No one really cares that Kafelnikov or Massu won Olympic golds for example.

Also I really don't see Tiger Woods would really care, especially for a man who demands $2 million appearance fees for turning up to events other than majors.

Squash has been included in the Commonwealth Games and World Games, winning the gold medal in those are considered great achievements since the top players participates in them. An Olympic inclusion would only be beneficial to a great sport in the long term.

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