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Re: Luciano Pitronello solidarity thread

You can┤t be serious about that.
How can you show solidarity to someone who wants to bomb something?

You can feel sorry for him, that he hurt himself, maybe you even fight for a proper medical treatment, but anarchy by itself is not a value.

This case reminds me of the time when I was active in an Amnesty International group in my city in the 1990s. Our group was invited to a meeting of several support groups for Abdullah Ícalan, leader of the PKK one of the parties of the kurdish minority in Turkey.
At first everything was fine. Everybody supported the idea that Ícalan should get a fair trial and medical treatment, but suddenly there were some activists who started shouting "Freedom for Abdullah Ícalan".
When we said that we would not support that we were treated as some traitors and the whole meeting became very aggressive.

We and all the other human right groups left, leaving us all with a bad feeling. Just one small group can turn a serious demand (a fair trial for a member of a minority) into something you can┤t control anymore and you can┤t agree with.
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