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Re: Luciano Pitronello solidarity thread

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
So far what you appear to have said is that he was blowing up a bank because he thinks they are immoral. If everybody acted like that we would have.....well anarchy.

You just seem totally oblivious to the fact that only a handful of renegade Chileans would agree with you. Reverting to that old abraxas mindset that what abraxas thinks is the correct and only way to think. And when everybody laughs at you, you just become more convinced that you are the only one who is right.
what you call anarchists are the ones who make the world to progress and move forward.

once upon a time henry david thoreau refused to pay his taxes because they were going to a state that supported immoral practices such as slavery. he was regarded as a rebel and, perhaps in today's media speak, close to an anarchist. yet, no one doubts that his stance was fair today.

you need the revolutionary to give life a pulse and a direction. i'm fairly positive that the time will come in which the abusive practices of today's banks (along with many other institutions of today's capitalism scheme) will be regarded as immoral and today's so called anarchists who fight against that system will be regarded as heroes.

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