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Re: In defeat: whose fanbase do you think act worse?

Originally Posted by evilmindbulgaria View Post
This coming from the mouth of a 5-time banned, crying-about-unfair-bans, vicious Fedtard troll like you pretty much means squat! The permaban is coming, Johnny, and it is coming for youuuuuuu

Why do I only get low quality stalkers?

I already answered this:

Originally Posted by BigJohn View Post
Now before any douche brings up my own infractions, let's see who I personally "attacked" in the past to get the "deserved" bans: Manon/Ivan (the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde DA, one of them permabanned), Start da Coin (permabanned), Clay Diva (permabanned) and Start da Greek (soon to be, yet not soon enough). Yep: All of them posters of ultimate class and distinction... Not as bad as it looks now does it...
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