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Re: In defeat: whose fanbase do you think act worse?

Originally Posted by BigJohn View Post
Well, the behaviour of some Nadal fans (that are it appears on the borderline of tardism) in the Nadal-Cincinnati thread yesterday yet again confirms they are the worse fan base around when Nadal faces adversity.

Mind you, Noletards are capable of extremely low blows to try to intimidate people who don't teabag Nole. Extremely low.

Since Fed Olympics defeat, Federer fans have been pretty serene. Yet, the usual Fed-haters/nolerafatards, have been partying and baiting as if there was no tomorrow.

Rafatards and Noletards take the cake and it is not even close.

This coming from the mouth of a 5-time banned, crying-about-unfair-bans, vicious Fedtard troll like you pretty much means squat! The permaban is coming, Johnny, and it is coming for youuuuuuu

For those of you who have any doubts about the "lowest of the low" on MTF go check out the hate and garbage in any thread about Rafa's injuries. There is nothing lower than insulting and celebrating a human being that is injured.


Rafa winning at least one slam in 10 consecutive years is the best achievement in Open Era tennis since Laver won all 4 Grand slam tournaments in the same year!

Don't ever underestimate the heart of a champion!
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