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Re: Soderking Chat Thread vol.1

Originally Posted by AZ-12 View Post
While I was optimistic regarding Robin's recovery for a long time, I have begun to think that he may never return to the atptour again. But then I actually got a small glimpse of hope when I read an old twitter comment from 26/7. Robin wrote (as it seems to an old friend that he hadn't had contact with for quite some time): "No olympics for me, have been sick for a long time in mono. But I'm starting to recover and hope to be back soon" (translated from swedish, and leaving out some less relevant part of the conversation). Let's hope he really means what he writes, and not just says something positive in the end to keep his old friend happy.
He looks to be strong and in shape so I'm not really worried about his physical recovery. If it really was "can only jog for 5 mins bad" then he would be nowhere near the shape seen in recent photos.

As they are scheduled to have a child soon maybe he doesn't think it's worthwhile to start up on the tour until that is over and all goes well. I mean the ATP tour is a lot of travel and him and Jenni might have decided that it's the best to just take it easy, avoid the media attention that his comeback would cause.

Would love if he gave USO a shot but I'm thinking he'll delay it possibly all the way to Stockholm Open or even next season. Then when he comes back I wouldn't be surprised if he's superstrong physically and more prepared than ever. I think he'll shock everyone because he's a known training fanatic and being able to have a "off-season" this long could turn out to be really good for the next 1-2 seasons.
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