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Re: Olympics: Gold medal swimmer admits to cheating in 100 breaststroke

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
That's very idealistic thinking. It happens and everyone is complicit. Every field has its tricks and shortcuts. At least he has the decency to admit it.
Doesn't make it okay, and why is being idealistic a bad thing?

Originally Posted by Li Ching Yuen View Post
Tripwires reminds me of that lawyer in your favorite crime drama. Endearing.

Everyone cheats.
I wear suspensors whenever I make love for example.
Off topic.

Originally Posted by Johnny Groove View Post
No offense, Miss tripwires. I understand your point, but a uni exam is just a tad below an Olympic Gold medal. Just a tad.
I expected this response. Sure, an examination isn't done on as large a scale as the Olympics; but it is of analogous importance to the university student studying in a rather competitive environment who actually cares about her results: it was the pinnacle of my existence as a student, just like the Olympics is the pinnacle of an athlete's life (except tennis players ). The principle is the same: it's a matter of integrity. On a personal level, I can't imagine how anyone can take pride in something that they had to resort to cheating in order to achieve. I couldn't; it'd just be confirmation that I wasn't good enough to do it on my own. But maybe I'm just too idealistic.

Why inflict a rule that you cannot enforce? Allow them as many kicks as they want, give them carte blanche, and the true champion will emerge, and the crowd will enjoy it more.
I agree the rule seems stupid, though I can't proclaim to understand why it's there because I'm not a swimmer. Still, the fact remains that doing more than 1 dolphin kick is against the rules. He did 3. He won a gold medal. Now he's talking about it and getting away with it.

Is this better than those (Asian) badminton teams tanking their matches to avoid facing China in the SFs? Why did they get punished and not this guy?

Originally Posted by BroTree123 View Post
That just defeats the purpose of doing the "exam" (if you can even call it that since you could take it home for crying out loud)
It was really awesome I must say. I had my favourite beverage while doing my exam and it was totally relaxed. We downloaded the question from the school's intranet and uploaded our answers after 3 hours.

But relating to this issue, there's some validity in your point. Except what the swimmer did was illegal, yet the case of a take-home-exam is not (I assume because of that reason).
The fact that it was illegal made it a worse form of cheating than, well, cheating on a take-home exam.

Roger Federer

Originally Posted by Matt01 View Post
Fed's groundstrokes never were that good to begin with.

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