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Re: Rafachat - vol. 79. Worst Olympics ever - onto USO :rocker2:

Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post
Our recent bronze medalist, is a sailer (laser radial) and a great, great girl: quite smart and with the greatest smile (the BBC journalist actually did praise her for having such a great smile). During the last Olympics in Beijing, she was a bit isolated because her sport is already an very solitary one and the sailing takes place outside the Olympic village as well + Beijing is too far away for most of her fans. So, this time in England, her supporters came in huge numbers and they were loud and very cheerful. So much so that the BBC tv crew went up to them to interview a couple of them after winning the bronze. They went to 3 guys with their face painted in the Belgian colors and each with a letter of her first name on their torso (E V I). A reaction from one of the guys: "FUCKING AMAZING....FUCKING AMAZING"
After which the BBC reporter turned to the camera to apologise twice for the language ("I'm sure he didn't mean it that way but the excitement...") and back in the studio, they apologised two more times.
I was watching this too It was HILARIOUS
Great to see them so excited
Originally Posted by MariaV View Post
Australia doing so poorly is a surprise. Australia is considered a very sporty country and the Sydney Olympics were so great.
I do not like to look at it like we are doing 'poorly'. There have been some disappointments but I think the biggest disappointment is the way our media have made a big deal about us doing so 'poorly' and making the athletes feel like they are letting the country down even when they put in great efforts but 'only' get silver or bronze

In Seoul we got 3 gold, in Barcelona we got 7, Atlanta 9. We are now going to be on 5 after today (we have a guaranteed gold in sailing). We had a stronger showing in the last few (kickstarted by hosting which always gives you an edge) but things won't always go your way and we have won a lot of silver which is not really all that bad (p.s. I know you you wrote that when we still had 2 gold)
Originally Posted by Minn View Post
The Americans also beat the Canadians in a controversial soccer game yesterday.
Yeah. Terrible penalty, terrible result
Originally Posted by acionescu View Post
The high jump always has the hottest men
No. That would be the gymnastics
Originally Posted by wildegirl05 View Post
Star hates america and maria hates the chinese. I'll hate the brits.
Once again

Also, MARIA! I wanted to come and say Happy Birthday a few days ago but it slipped my mind. so belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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