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Re: A new way of moderation

Originally Posted by masterclass View Post
I think the ignore function is wrong in many ways.
It doesn't solve the problem.
Why should I have to do anything? I'm not at fault or in the wrong.
The people that are at fault are the ones breaking the rules.
Their rule-breaking posts shouldn't exist, or should be in some cesspool forum.
"Ignore" is an easy way out, that is too broad-brushed.
If 20% of their posts are rule-breaking, maybe 80% are not.
Those 20% shouldn't be in my way or in my sight, but maybe some of the other 80% are worth reading. Some of the people that occasionally break the rules can also be humorous.
Furthermore, a quoted post by an ignored user still appears from what I understand.

The ignore solves almost nothing, except burying one's head in the sand.
I simply don't think it's worth much of anything.
The problem needs to be solved, not ignored.

Oh gosh, high class citizen right here.. Hey, have you ever experienced this thing called "life"? Because seriously, you can't escape people you consider assholes or those that say stuff you don't want to hear, yet you think MTF is supposed to be different from "life"..? I also find your post to be quite ironic, considering your stance with Clay Girl. You want his ban to be rescinded, yet you just said that rule-breaking posts shouldn't exist, but I wonder how he got permabanned.

Fact is, your idea is utterly ridiculous. What makes you think creating a subforum to allow users to "vent their trollation" would cause trolls, retards, etc to vanish from GM? I mean seriously, are you that oblivious? There is no way to "solve" this, you can only ignore people/posts you dislike (there will always be new posters to "piss you off" mind you) or just let it be. Clearly the mods do their job by issuing out infractions, temp bans and bans to posters who actually deserve them. If these "bad posters" aren't getting them (which frankly you can't even tell if they are getting warnings/infractions to begin with so don't assume shit) then they are either lucky or their posts actually aren't that bad and you are just overreacting for no reason. Seriously, this is a waste of time and extremely foolish to think otherwise.

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