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Re: A new way of moderation

I think the ignore function is wrong in many ways.
It doesn't solve the problem.
Why should I have to do anything? I'm not at fault or in the wrong.
The people that are at fault are the ones breaking the rules.
Their rule-breaking posts shouldn't exist, or should be in some cesspool forum.
"Ignore" is an easy way out, that is too broad-brushed.
If 20% of their posts are rule-breaking, maybe 80% are not.
Those 20% shouldn't be in my way or in my sight, but maybe some of the other 80% are worth reading. Some of the people that occasionally break the rules can also be humorous.
Furthermore, a quoted post by an ignored user still appears from what I understand.

The ignore solves almost nothing, except burying one's head in the sand.
I simply don't think it's worth much of anything.
The problem needs to be solved, not ignored.


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