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Re: Rafachat - vol. 79. Worst Olympics ever - onto USO :rocker2:

3 medals so far in the Olympics for Belgium. I think that we're already one up vs the previous Olympics.

3 medals: Not much, is it? Belgians take the motto "competing is more important than winning" a bit too far. We don't have this competitive mentality in our schools when doing sport. We always get told that we need to have fun in the first place and winning is just an after-thought. I do think it's a great attitude towards kids but it doesn't exactly lead to medals.

Our silver medalist is one of the very few real amateurs. He participates in one of the shooting events. His day job is a labor inspector. He had to take time off to compete in the Olympics. He was the only one in his sport to have a regular day job. Apparantly, they get taught by psychologists how to put themselves in a trance so that they don't have to move a muscle over a long, long time. Over 45 minutes, we saw this guy move only once and that was only a slight movement of his arm.
I can't sit still for 4 minutes, let alone 45 minutes so it's safe to say that this isn't my sport.

Our recent bronze medalist, is a sailer (laser radial) and a great, great girl: quite smart and with the greatest smile (the BBC journalist actually did praise her for having such a great smile). During the last Olympics in Beijing, she was a bit isolated because her sport is already an very solitary one and the sailing takes place outside the Olympic village as well + Beijing is too far away for most of her fans. So, this time in England, her supporters came in huge numbers and they were loud and very cheerful. So much so that the BBC tv crew went up to them to interview a couple of them after winning the bronze. They went to 3 guys with their face painted in the Belgian colors and each with a letter of her first name on their torso (E V I). A reaction from one of the guys: "FUCKING AMAZING....FUCKING AMAZING"
After which the BBC reporter turned to the camera to apologise twice for the language ("I'm sure he didn't mean it that way but the excitement...") and back in the studio, they apologised two more times.
She was so happy to see so many supporters so that in itself was also great to watch.

I'm currently reading a Jo Nesbo book so I shall now get myself installed outside in my garden with that book.
I already saw the movie "How to train your dragon" (know that one? I LOVE IT) and today, I'm planning on watching "Rapunzel".
---> Highbrow stuff or what.

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