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Re: Endless Federer-Nadal debates (WTF vs Olympics)

Originally Posted by Ash86 View Post
I'm not going to say anything further as really it just must hurt all the Fed fans that no one in the tennis media cares about Fed's double medal - he's not got a career golden slam and that's that. Whatever he wins in doubles means nothing - it's the singles career that matters. Agassi and Nadal are the only players to have career golden slams - Fed, one of the greatest ever, has one little hole still on his CV and it won't be going away barring some Rio miracle...
If I would have to classify one group of fans as hurt, Fed fans would be fighting for last position in that list along with Murray fans.

Edit: You mention Agassi, pretty much every time people are talking about him and for example comparing him to Agassi, they talk about the career slam. I don't think I've ever in these debates hear anyone mention Golden career slam specifically, that tells you something on the value of it.

I think less of you as a person if you are a fan of Rafael Nadal.
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